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Andrew M. Oser

Apprenticing Funeral Director

Andrew M. Oser is a multi-talented individual who brings a diverse range of skills and experiences to his role as an apprenticing director and embalmer at Schneeberger Funeral Home. Graduating from Ashland University in 2008 with academic excellence, Andrew triple majored in Business Administration, Marketing, and Criminal Justice, showcasing his dedication to learning and his ability to excel in various areas.

Driven by a passion for continuous growth, Andrew is currently pursuing further education at the esteemed Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science, where he is expanding his knowledge and honing his craft within the funeral service industry. Andrew's commitment to personal and professional development is exemplified by his decision to join Schneeberger Funeral Home during the unprecedented challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In his personal life, Andrew is happily married to his husband Nick. They share their home with three lovable dogs named Toast, Crouton, and Bowser, bringing joy and companionship into their lives. Additionally, their mischievous cat, Lucifer, adds an element of playfulness and entertainment to their household.

Outside of his professional and personal pursuits, Andrew's creativity extends to the culinary arts, a passion he thoroughly enjoys during his free time. Exploring various flavors and techniques, he delights in creating delicious meals for his loved ones. Andrew is also an ardent golfer, constantly refining his skills on the golf course. Furthermore, he embraces his curiosity for different cultures and experiences by traveling the world and immersing himself in new adventures.

Andrew's true calling lies in his dedication to supporting families during their most challenging times. He considers it an incredible honor to offer assistance and guidance in making difficult decisions when arranging a funeral service. His compassionate nature ensures that families feel both comforted and reassured throughout their moments of grief.

Andrew's commitment to his community extends beyond his professional responsibilities. While he values spirituality, he prefers to keep it more personal. He is actively engaged in various community activities and organizations that promote leadership and service. As an Eagle Scout, Andrew upholds the values of excellence, dedication, and selflessness, providing a strong foundation for his commitment to helping others. He is also proud to serve as an Ohio notary, lending his assistance to individuals with their important legal concerns.

With his academic background, thirst for knowledge, and genuine compassion for others, Andrew is an invaluable member of the Schneeberger Funeral Home team. His unwavering commitment to excellence and sincere desire to provide support reflect the funeral home's mission of serving families with dignity, respect, and compassion.

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